Asot Michael’s Progressive Political Career

Throughout his career, long standing Parliamentarian Asot Michael has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the community of Antigua and Barbuda. Michael’s family came from a humble background in Lebanon which furthered his desire to pursue philanthropic efforts for the region. This has led to a growing appreciation from the constituents that reside in these areas; Asot Michael has focused his efforts on the importance of proper education for the youth of Antigua and Barbuda. 


He demonstrated this when he helped raise money for the renovation of the Parham and Pares Primary schools in September 2020. These institutions, located in St.Peters, did not possess an adequate learning environment and infrastructure for children to safely study in. In addition, Asot Michael’s secured funds to provide students with face masks, hand sanitizer and school supplies upon their return in the face of COVID-19. Asot has also been adamant in improving infrastructure on the islands in order to provide a higher standard of living. 


By modernizing the landscape, Honorable Asot Michael’s aims to upgrade residential and commercial properties to provide lasting economic and employment opportunities for every citizen at Antigua & Barbuda.  Michael’s and the AB Labour Party have also worked to provide internet connection so that the islands continue to advance. He ensures these endeavors will provide his constituents with a healthy and happy life even in the face of adversity. Asot has spent his career ensuring the Antiguan government provides resources for citizens to achieve monetary gains in their lives. Asot Michael’s noble style of urging the Cabinet of Ministers to help his constituents has given the region a loyal ally to the people.