Contribution of Bradley James in an Eco-Friendly Movement In San Francisco

Bradley James is a philanthropist and a blogger based in San Francisco blogging about Art, Design, and Fashion. Most of her blogs focus on how the artistry work is being used in promoting an eco-friendly environment. In one of her latest articles titled ” The Art World’s eco-friendly Attitude is making for the big changes,” she highlights the role of art in maintaining a greener space. Bradley James notes that every person is getting involved with an eco-friendly movement, and the artists haven’t been left behind in this movement. She further states that this eco-friendly movement promotes the use of sustainable materials, recycling of renewable materials, and use of natural resources.

Bradley James

Bradley James notes that various artists have come up with a medium known as Eco-artist that uses all-natural elements to create their works and convey environmental messages. Among the sustainable art being used by artists include; closed up fashion that is based on the idea of reusing and recycling of clothing materials, Bio arts that insist on restoration and activism of natural resources. In recent years, Bradley James exposed, it also has included Eco-design that creates art with the environment into consideration, and upcycling of materials generally considered unwanted and damaged.

In promoting sustainable art, institutions have also embraced an eco-friendly initiative in their day-to-day activities, such as reducing their carbon footprints. And is due to the awareness that activists such as Bradley James constantly expose to the world. This comes into play in the way they run their facilities, their shipping methods, and their handling of waste. As an elected trustee at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and co-founder of the Bradley Family Foundation, Bradley James prides herself in supporting the education of youth and those with special needs in San Francisco.