TIEKS: Committed To Changing The World

Tieks is the leading producer and distributor of women’s ballet flats, which are comfortable, of good quality, and portable. The company was founded by Kfir Gavrieli and his sister in 2008, but the company had its official launch in 2010. Gavrieli started his company with the goal of making a charitable impact in the world.

Because of this goal, he started the Gavrieli Foundation, where Tieks invests in women’s empowerment. The company also provides microloans to women entrepreneurs in the world through KIVA. KIVA is an online platform dedicated to giving microloans to women aspiring to start businesses but are living in poverty, with Gavrieli’s company as its biggest lender.

Gavrieli began Tieks after a successful career in hedge funds, venture capital, and real estate. As the company CEO, he has been recognized by Inc Magazine in its “30 under 30” feature. Also, the company has been recognized by Forbes in its feature “25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands”. The company strives to make decisions with a fresh set of eyes because this perspective has helped them grow over the tears and become trendsetters.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers were in dire need of masks and protective gear. Tieks took the initiative to produce and distribute masks and PPEs to healthcare providers. Initially, Gavrieli bought sewing machines and mobilized his employees to sew the masks. Then he partnered with some local businesses who donated the masks to hospitals and health care workers. With more cases of the virus coming up, the company began a campaign called Operation #SewTogether.

This campaign mobilized fans and company followers to help them sew more face masks to be donated. The campaign produced over 1,000,000 masks that were donated not only in LA but in other states. In addition to donating masks, the company offered gift cards to essential workers to appreciate all their efforts. Gavrieli insists that the team spirit and commitment of all involved contributed to great success in the campaign. Go to this article for more information.


More about Tieks on https://tieks.com/matte-black.html