Quentin Flannery Predicts a Significant Growth at Metallica Minerals

Metallica Minerals Limited is known for its production of Cape Flattery silica sand. Quentin Flannery states that it was lodged by the Queensland Department of Resources to own the production of the sand. Therefore, the mining company has ensured that only the best quality sand becomes their product. Such a project, Quentin Flannery explains, will abandon the reliability of riverbank sand mining. Also, developing countries are engaging in increased construction, and such a project will ensure that only the best silica sand is available for construction. 


These elements place Metallica in a suitable position and are expected to increase production soon. Quentin Flannery is an experienced entrepreneur and investor in the mining industry. He embarked on an active career when he was appointed at Yancoal Australia Limited. Quentin Flannery was appointed to manage the $1 billion company at a young age, becoming the youngest marketing manager in the Australian coal industry. Also, he has been the global head of Thermal Coal Sales. This was meant to diversify Yancoal into Chinese markets and across Asia. 


Quentin Flannery is currently the director of family companies besides Elysian Capital. He is responsible for their strategy and trading investment portfolio, besides a focus on energy investing. At Elysian Capital, he ensures that the emerging hedge fund company finds the exemplary leadership and management skills to drive it forward. Besides, Quentin Flannery is a board member for various companies. For example, he is a board member at AuMake International, Sunset Power International, and Delta Coal. Field Orthopaedics is a medical device startup that he sits on its board as a member.

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